Our Story



“Habibi” means “My Love” in Arabic and the story of HABIBI is truly inspired by love.

The founder of HABIBI simply fell into the fashion world by happenstance; like they say, some things just happen when they are meant to be. The story of HABIBI is exactly like that; it was just meant to be.

It all started with a home-made T-shirt the founder made for his girlfriend. Little did he know his simple love-filled token of appreciation was met with a resoundingly enthusiastic and appreciative response from strangers, friends and family alike. He soon realized there was some jazz about what he created. Not too long after, he was selling HABIBI shirts and the love for HABIBI continues to remain strong and real.

Through the HABIBI brand we hope to spread the feeling of being loved for who we are and not who we are expected or perceived to be. We believe that through fashion we can all encourage and remind each other to live the life we dream of living, love the people we want to love, and be loved for who we are.